Hi, I’m back?

I guess we all need our safe space. Blogging was one of mine. If you were wanting an update, I have just that on my new blog


Hope to see you there.


Blog no more


I’ve had this blog for a year now, and a lot of it was idle. I’m leaving the blogging community and the bowl for good!
All of my posts are gone, but I’d thought I would make an announcement and not just leave without saying a word.
These types of blogs come and go, and I’m surprised I’ve made it through this long. I’m usually more eloquent in my posts, but I’m not really sure what to say…

It was a hasty decision on my part, but it is not one I will not regret. I will not be blogging in a related subject, if at all. (Social media isn’t exactly my forte anyway) I am looking forward to focusing my energy on other aspects of life, and as this door closes, another shall open.

Xoxoxo J ❤😜


*inbox is still open, but please no press inquiries*